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Poppy Flower Dress

Poppy Flower Dress

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Our extraordinary three-piece dress, meticulously designed to emulate the graceful allure of a poppy flower.

The heart of this ensemble is a captivating corset, expertly tailored to enhance your silhouette and infuse an air of sophistication into your attire. Adorned with exquisite black diamond lace it exudes opulence, making you stand out in a crowd.

But the true star of the show is the single, body-hugging skirt made from enchanting black diamond mech .
This unique design accentuates your form, and as it transitions upwards, it gracefully merges into a taffeta short skirt that beautifully mirrors the form and delicate petals of a poppy flower.

This two-tiered skirt configuration is a visual symphony of the poppy’s elegance, offering a chic and glamorous interpretation of nature’s beauty.

Three Wishes Dress– a corset, a short skirt and a long diamond lace maxi skirt each piece designed for your unique style, offering endless combinations.
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customers' common questions

Bespoke Bride and Evening dresses service

How to book an appointment?

We require particular size information in order to create your bespoke evening gown. You can schedule an appointment by contacting us on Instagram @desire_ avenue or directly on our website's contact page.

How much should I budget for?

Bespoke evening gown design and creation at Desire Avenue begin at £ 700. The final cost is determined by the materials and design requirements of each client. If the design does not necessitate a significant time commitment and the materials selected by the buyer are inexpensive, the end price may be less than the starting price.

What about alterations?

Alterations are made based on the fitting. When these are finished, you will need to come for a further fitting to ensure that you are entirely satisfied.

Only one revision of changes will be allowed for the agreed-upon price; any revisions will incur a fee.